Importance of Septic Pumping

If you live in a place where you have no public sewer treatment system that you can use, then you likely have a septic tank that holds any wastewater from your house and prohibits you from touching any harmful bacteria.  

Usually, such septic systems will operate perfectly without you having to even think about them. However, once your septic system creates any problem, you have to attend to it without hesitating or it can prove to be really bad for your property and horn. To avoid any expensive repair issues from happening in the first place, it will be wise if you arrange for regular pumping services in the Flowery Branch Area. 

Why do you need regular septic pumping?  

This certainly must be a question running in your mind and being aware of the answer will help make sure you understand how important it is. To understand why a septic tank needs to be pumped, you first need to know the role of the septic tank. The tank basically separates the wastewater from the solid sewage that comes from your home. The solid wastes gather as sludge at the bottom of the septic tank while the lighter waste of grease and oil stays as a scum layer at the top. The water present in the center usually contains no solids but has phosphorous and nitrogen that can serve as fertilizers. Pipes at the center of a septic tank releases this water, which gradually reaches the earth.  

However, the scum and solid waste stay behind in the tank itself. They should not be allowed to reach the earth because of the harmful bacteria that they contain. Some of the sludge does decay, owing to bacterial action, but not all of it. So, once every 3 to 5 years, the tank requires pumping so that this sludge can be removed.  

If you do not opt for septic pumping, the sludge will keep building up and then lead to two main problems. One, the sludge may block the drainage and then back up your sewer lines. This will clog your drains and sinks, releasing bad odors and sewage may end up flowing into your home. Secondly, the sludge may reach the soil and this will cause great damage to the ground and the environment, making your entire property smell bad.  

How frequently should you get your septic tank pumped?  

Now that you are aware of the importance of septic pumping, you also need to know how frequently you need to get it.  

The sludge and the scum layers of the tank help decide how often you need professional tank pumping. Hire an inspector from and they will check these layers for you. However, there are a few factors that can help determine how frequently you will need the services, including —  

  • Daily volume of wash water you add to your septic tank  
  • Capacity of your tank  
  • Amounts of solids present in the wastewater stream 

There are different types of solid wastes present in a septic tank, including biodegradable organics like feces, slow biodegradable organics like cellulose compounds and toilet paper which take a lot of time to biodegrade, and non-biodegradable solids like plastic and kitty litter which just do not biodegrade and fill up the septic tank.  

Other factors that determine how fast your septic tank will fill up with solids is your lifestyle. The lifestyle issues that can affect your septic tank performance are: 

  • Water usage in your home  
  • Age of the people residing in your home 

Homes that have growing families with teenagers and children need more water and, thus, more solids accumulate in the tank. On the other hand, if a family just has a couple, then they will not use as much water and fewer amounts of solids will enter the tank. Obviously, the more solids in the tank, the more frequently it will need to be cleaned and pumped.  

Once you hire a professional from, they will check everything for you and will let you know how often you need the cleaning done, how the process will work, and they will suggest the next cleaning date for you. You will not need to do all the calculations or figure any of it out for yourself. The professionals will do everything for you perfectly, leaving no reasons for you to worry, and will ensure that your septic tank serves you for a long time and stay in perfect working condition. 


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