At one point, this blog was going to be about putting in a little effort now, to be a lot more lazy later.  Turns out, when you’re getting a Ph.D., there’s not a lot of room for “lazy later.”  The last few months have been all about something I affectionately call PP2.  I’ll spare you the details, but it’s in between a term paper and the big D (that’s dissertation for those of you whose Ph.D. programs call it something else, looking at you BFF-F).  Actually, it’s pretty far from a term paper, and even though it has been in development since last fall, it is still OWNING MY LIFE.

So whenever I feel capable of writing, I’ve been writing that, and whenever I assign myself some downtime, I’ve been doing anything but writing (including updating my lovely blog).  I am currently experiencing some unassigned downtime in my tub, because after 3.25 days of writing for 6-10 hours per day at my slightly too low monitor, this morning I stretched my arms into the air, arched my back, and my whole upper back and neck seized up.  Shit.  I knew this would happen.  That’s why I finally paid the $10/term membership to the student gym and put all their yoga classes on my calendar.  That’s the first step, right?  No.  That’s like, the zeroth step.  I do this every time.  Every time my body breaks after not taking care of it, my motivation to take care of it skyrockets.  Every time I start to feel better enough to actually do so, my motivation plummets.  What are you, 16?  Be a grown ass lady and take care of business, yeesh.  (Hopefully that pep talk will keep me motivated through this recovery.)

Okay, so blaming my lack of posts on PP2 is not entirely fair.  I also blame the apartment.  This apartment has always been love/hate.  We loved the space, but hated the price.  I love the proximity to everything, but hate the dumbass kitchen counters.  I love that I can take an afternoon bath with light streaming down on me from the window in the shower, but I hate the shower curtain rings.  But mostly, I hate that ever since it sunk in a few months ago that this would likely be the last time we renew the lease, I hate that my motivation for putting any effort into the apartment (or this lovely blog) has gone down the drain (even for quick shit I’ve already paid for like replacing the shower curtain rings with new ones I bought on sale five months ago).  I’m not promising that this is some kind of turning point for the apartment or the blog, but I am going to put down my phone, get out of the bath, and put up those damn rings, neck or no neck.

Well, I put up some of the rings.  Our three shower curtains are held up by three separate types of shitty plastic shower rings. (Does each curtain have its own kind of ring?  Nope!  They mix and match!  How fun!)  So I was able to take down one set easily, but as I feared, the other two sets are held together by some sort of gypsy curse.  New motto for the apartment (and the blog): partway done is better than not done at all.

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